X affectionate reader tumblr

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X affectionate reader tumblr

Sport in streaming 2006/2007 [archivio]

Highkey yeah? But at the same time I feel like Dabi and Overhaul have different flavors of caregiver Dom. Keep reading. A smirk as wide as it can be with his tongue brushing the corners of his mouth as if he just finished eating the best meal of his life.

You hated that smug face he had on when he turned around, but what really caught your attention was the standing ovation his penis was giving you. You then turned around, giving Endeavor a clear view of your ass as you slid the thong slowly down your legs. Your body was bent over so as soon as that thong reached your knees, Endeavor caught sight of the beautiful lips of your vagina, and the small—almost button-like—entrance of your anus.

God, you were such a tease. You heard his heavy hum and felt it tickling your lips when he kissed you. Your fingers started getting lost within his fiery hair as you struggled to kiss him back. Saliva swapped like a deal was made, a whirlwind of breaths exchanged.

By the time he was done, you were left trembling and your body, a heated vessel. It was always a rush to take a shower and then make breakfast before heading to the agency. Hero work was always a priority and everything else was secondary.

How to take apart a brinks padlock

But finally, after several months, the two of you had the same day off which meant you had more than enough time to fool around in the morning. Request from Tumblr. You smiled slightly, not saying a word as you caressed the scar on his forehead with your thumb. You then pressed your lips on it, hands holding the sides of his face, and you pulled away to find his golden irises looking up at you in a trance.

The faint light spilling through the cracked window behind you haloed around your figure, giving you the appearance of divinity that he found himself wanting to worship you. The urge to grab you soon consumed him, yet the action fell dead as there was nothing he could do except to express it by the twitch of his mutilated limbs.

Everyone could see it in his face. His usual calm and collected demeanor was switched with a seemingly permanent edge.Carefully carrying a cup of warm coffee in your hands, you walked softly into the living room. I couldst, verily, use some company. Thy presence doest not distract me. In truth, thou art my inspiration, my muse.

However, sitting next to him was not enough for you. You wanted more of him yet you did not want to be obnoxious. So you sat there awkwardly. Cupping your face in his hands, he turned you to face him. Then, he put the papers and quill aside. After a while, you broke away from the hug. Nodding, you let yourself be engulfed by his loving embrace. Peering up into his eyes, you caught him staring at you and your cheeks flushed as you quickly avoided his gaze.

obey me fanfic

Shakespeare chuckled lowly and grabbed you by the chin gingerly turning your head to him. His heterochromatic eyes fluttered shut and leaned down, pressing his lips against your waiting ones.

I would prefer it if you would just be yourself, is that all right? What in the goddamn hell am I doing no I didn't sleep even a little bit yeehaw. Fandom: Obey Me! Reader-insert: Neutral Pairing: Sub! Mammon x Dom! Keep reading.Can I request how would the 1p face family plus Russia how would the get there crush to like them?

Originally posted by ofallingstar. Not surprising, Francis is going to be the smoothest and most romantic out of the entire bunch. He will also often invite them on small dinner dates at his house. He just has this look in his eye and you can just tell that he is in love! He is the perfect guy. He is sweet, gentle, patient, an amazing cook and a damn good listener. Originally posted by pinkcollapse. Uf, this boy is awkward as Hell. He tries to be smooth and cool, but he always fails.

And yet, that somehow always works in to his favor! Alfred just has this boyish charm to him, and no matter what he does he always looks so adorable.

He could trip over a rug and spill coffee everywhere, and yet he still looks as handsome as ever. He is also undeniablely cheesy, but that just makes him even more appealing. He can also become really protective. He can also get jealous quite easily. And with such a sweet and positive guy by your side, how could you not fall for him?

You're Cute When You're Angry - Kirishima Eijirou x Listener {BNHA ASMR Fanfiction Reading}

Love him or your friends and family will die lol. Originally posted by milamai. Sweet, sweet Matthew will be such a sweetheart and a amazing listener! He will be the most amazing friend anyone could possibly want.

But regarding his affections, he can be super shy and not to mention awkward and blushy. His favorite part of the meal are of course, pancakes.

x affectionate reader tumblr

He makes sure that they are perfect each and every time.On order of Ubayashiki, all of the Hashiras, besides some, were required to travel to a specific destination; fastest way was through the ocean.

However, they were accompanied by kakashi and a few younger demon slayers, including a demonic sister. Their transpiration was a large wooden ship; filled with more than necessary essentials for the journey.

He glanced over to see Zenitsu prodding at the box that strapped snug against his back and saw Inosuke bending over the ledge of the ship, yelling. I will conquer you, God of the Waters! The mist pillar stood next to him with a lazed expression.

Muichiro and Tanjirou already began to explore the deck.

x affectionate reader tumblr

He was at the front of the ship, lounging and basking in the sunlight. Last time I saw her she was talking to my brother. I think they might be in the sparing room. The wooden staff embedded the wall behind them. Last time I saw her, she was in the kitchen. Tanjirou quickly went downstairs with Muichiro to head towards the kitchen.

When they entered the kitchen, the only residing Hashiras were Mitsuri and Kyoujurou. Mitsuri was digging through a few crates to possibly look for any sweets as the Kyoujurou stuffed his face with rice, loudly exclaiming how tasty it was. He noticed them when they walked them.

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Do you want a snack? They literally searched the entire ship. Along the way, they dragged Inosuke and Zenitsu along but still no sign of the [hair color] haired Hashira. At this point, everyone was looking for [Name], aside from the sound Hashira who was still doing his own thing. Obanai was woken up so… enthusiastically by the Flame Pillar.

x affectionate reader tumblr

Kyojurou had to get his cheek bandages due to the snake biting him in the face when he kicked the door down. Nearly all of the Hashiras had scrambled to all edges of the boat in desperate attempt to find [Name]. Tanjirou nearly went into panic as he watched all of them draw out their swords. Everyone was now yelling or aggressively scanning the waters as desperate attempts to spot the Moon Hashira.

Maybe we can find her quicker! In the background, Genya was trying to drag his brother away from the edge; he was elbowed in the face and now on the ground, holding his face in pain. Obanai had left to find Uzui to get him to help find the loved Hashira. Tanjirou was too occupied with Inosuke who had straight up dove into the water.

The poor Kamado was throwing a rope into the water to try and fish his friend out. He was only pulled in to the waters, too which lead Muichiro into panic to jump in as well. The door which lead to the main deck had slammed open.

Sanemisohagi — Muzan x affectionate ! S/o

Obanai trailed behind him. We— We are trying to find [Name]! You are all idiots.I feel like Muzan wouldn't be use to affection and he would either embarrassed or confused or disgusting. Originally posted by knysource. Originally posted by bvckstvb. Reminder : dalgona coffee is a coffee whip of the sort but you have to whisk it for times. But you were craving for something sweet.

Your eyes opened slowly to think about weird food options you could be eating right about now. You shuffled a bit to see the clock hanging on the wall indicating 2. The sudden thought of some paranormal shit waking you up. That was currently sleeping soundly. You tried sleeping back but with no progress. You started to rethink of all those mukbang videos you had watched. The demons hell coffee that made the internet roar. You were a home cook so you knew some tricks to whisk good. But the sudden thought of dalgona coffee led you to questioning.

Is it all about the muscle or the technique? You started to fidget around by the thought. As you grasped out of ushijimas grip in success you went to the door but was stopped by a sudden voice.

You new toshi. He was a good kid with a good sleeping schedule, unlike you. You went by to the kitchen to get the supposed ingredients as you sat there on some kitchen stool. Thinking about life decisions at the moment. You started whisking. Meanwhile on the other hand. Ushijima felt empty. Not empty inside. Mans to mentally healthy to do that. Beside him he felt empty. Usually there would be a warm feeling surrounding him when he slept.

But it felt really empty without you by his side as he slept. Our boy toshi has made a bad habit of wanting you to sleep beside him while he sleeps. He had no complaints. You were missing. He grumbled in response.You know I hate seeing a frown on your lovely face.

In all seriousness, you know how much I love you. What do you say? Angel x fem Reader- angst. Different people x fem Reader - angst. Spitball - crackfic fluff. Izuku x fem Reader - smut. Haircut x fem Reader - smut. Making out Dom! Deku x fem Reader - smut. Over and over again Dom! Part 1. Tiger Lilies x fem Reader - fluff.

In my inbox? Keep reading. Hey hey hey hey hey hey. So Hawks gets his gf preggers and is all over her constantly. He doesn't want the commission to know so he doesnt tell them and of course they send him on missions. Maybe he comes home all bloody from his fight with Dabi and his gf takes care of him. After that she shows him her first sonogram and he sees his twins boy and girl.

To… to bury your old experiences and plant new things on top. Nicer things. Like flowers. Everyone can read! You swiveled on the balls of your feet in the entrance of your modest apartment, rocking onto your heels as your guilty eyes glanced into the impossibly deep stare of the esteemed number two hero standing before you, looking entirely out of place in the ratty, run-down complex you resided in.

You instinctively swayed backward, unable to handle being in such close proximity of a specimen that was light-years beyond your league without your feeble brain short-circuiting in the process. Originally posted by rrin Heros die everyday from being too careless about their jobs! Keigo looked up at the girl. Anger flashed in his eyes as he stood up, knocking her over onto the floor. If they thought about it for like 30 seconds they and the victims can both survive! If it means that I have to die in order to protect the victims then shall be it!

What about me, huh? How would you think I would feel if something happened to you and I never get to see you again! Is that how little you think of me? So do me a favor and leave this apartment before I come back into this place. She stiffened. Her eyes traveled from the bend of his shoulders to his rapidly moving chest, then back to his eyes where she held them steadily, even as they filled with tears. Keigo choked on a sob as he quickly stepped out of the apartment and slammed the door shut.Scenarios if you want!

I'm not pressuring you! Originally posted by sepulchrate. Now, Kaminari is usually a pretty chill dude.

x affectionate reader tumblr

But when it came to you, it got pretty serious. So when, someone made a comment, it was safe to say Kaminari was very pissed off. You turned to Sero and Kirishima, but they seemed concerned as well. Your boyfriend was still seething with anger but he backed up. He relaxes at your touch and kisses you back. Originally posted by noodle-bowl-art. So Monoma could only laugh obnoxiously as the guy catcalled you.

You were getting worried and looked over at Kendo who was just as concerned as you were. Her shocked expression slowly morphed into a mischievous one. Your grip on her arm loosened as you watched your boyfriend carry on with his comebacks. Summary: What should be a normal closing shift at the bar ends as anything but when Dabi decides to tease you. Requested by southsidewrites. Warnings : smut, semi-public sex, anal play, begging, spanking, overstimulation, dirty talk, edging, double penetration, mild choking, orgasm delay, unprotected sex wrap it before you tap it folks.

The brush of hot fingertips against the back of your thigh has you freezing in place, a barely audible gasp lodging in your throat. At the minor distraction, the glass you were washing slips from your hands, landing in the soapy water filling the sink.

Naruto 496

Slowly, his fingers creep higher on your thigh, flirting with the hem of your tight skirt. Your breathing hitches as he smiles against you, teeth nipping at your flushed skin. Whispering filthy things in your ear as you helped Kurogiri behind the bar, telling you exactly what he planned to do to you tonight.

The cheeky gropes and swats at your ass throughout the night kept you on edge, his fingers sneaking beneath your skirt whenever he was sure no one was looking.

The cold metal of his staples slide against your skin as his lips wander down the side of your neck. When you shiver at the icy sensation, he chuckles.

Crazy frog è un plagio di michgan j frog

Heat blazes across your back as he warms his hands, rubbing slow, teasing circles into your thighs. His lips find a sensitive spot beneath your jaw that has your eyes fluttering shut, and you barely have enough sense to shut off the sink. His grin only grows as you take up a white-knuckled grip on the counter. You exhale shakily as his hips roll against your ass, his cock already half-hard and hot against you.

One of his hands slides around to your front, slipping between your thighs before you can even think to stop him. A high-pitched, needy sound slips past your lips as two of his fingers drag over the crotch of your panties and prod at your clit roughly.

Keep reading. Originally posted by aestrels. Look at me, finishing something before the last day of the month. Originally posted by vyctornikiforov.

You stood behind Mirio, watching as he tried to hide behind the bush. This caused a blush to form on the little girls cheeks, making your heart lurch in fear that it was too much for her.

Placing your hand on her back, you pushed her a bit in front of you, whispering down words of comfort as you did.


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